What is Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage, digital signage or the fourth screen, took its first steps in the 70s, when electronics stores integrated televisions with products they had on offer in their windows, thus achieving an increase in sales.

In the 90s, the first digital screens connected to the network and broadcasting dynamic content began to be seen.

Digital signage (or digital signage in Spanish), consists of the dynamic broadcast of digital content through screens or other digital devices located in stores, businesses or in commercial and corporate spaces.

Digital signage is an agile and dynamic communication support, which using key locations in a business has the possibility of displaying a showcase with your products, services and promotions to create interactive experiences with the viewer.

Digital signage technology is not a simple substitute for traditional signage. Is much more. Providing more dynamic experiences, and, taking advantage of technological advances, it currently allows creating interactive experiences that allow unifying the offline and online world.

This has allowed companies to have a meticulous control of the content that they want to broadcast, being able to update them daily and adapt them to the place, the time of day, the particular person or the special promotion that they want to show.

What are the advantages of Digital Signage for a business?

Providing the best possible customer experience has become more important to business than ever, which is why more and more companies are turning to technology for help.

The implementation of digital signage in commercial or corporate spaces allows the creation of dynamic communication systems, with updated advertising and information and with a total sales orientation, which helps companies to be perceived as more innovative and helping to increase sales.

The advantages of digital signage do not end there, according to studies by Nielsen and IAB have shown that digital signage is more effective in attracting customers, capturing an average of more than 400% more views than traditional signage, generating information retention. 90% better by the observer than with traditional media.

What technology is necessary for your Digital Signage system?

If you are thinking about investing in digital signage for your business, it is interesting that you see the necessary technology for your digital signage system.

For the installation of a digital signage system, three technological components and one creative component are necessary.

  • One or more advertising screens
  • The player device
  • The player software to manage the content that can be displayed
  • And the contents.

Types of digital signage according to location:

The types of digital signage or digital signage are extremely varied depending on the business or trade and its objective and needs, which influences its final placement, affecting its placement and the types of screens and hardware that can be used.

Digital signage can be installed in a wide variety of locations, but depending on the location we can speak of two types of digital advertising.

Digital signage solutions can generally be divided into two fields, outdoor signage and indoor signage, all of them with a wide variety of configurations.

Digital signage or Indoor digital signage (Indoor) + information

Digital signage or outdoor digital signage (Outdoor) + information

Digital signage solutions are not limited only to shop windows and information points, the solutions are evolving faster and faster and are more and more advanced, using integrations with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT or augmented reality systems which allow it. create immersive experiences that not long ago seemed like out of science fiction movies, such as digital posters that react to the observer by recommending products specific to their tastes and communication channels that react to the environment.


It is the necessary device for the screen to emit the contents. The player is the link between the screen and the software that will allow us to manage content, they can be external to the screen or integrated as a SOC application.

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