Types of Digital Signange

The great advantage of digital signage is that due to its dynamic content and its adaptability, it can influence and attract the attention of the public, but understanding where and how our screens will be placed to properly adapt to a sales strategy is key.

Since there are many solutions for digital signage or digital signage and their location, it is important to remember what our objective is and where we are going to install the different types of screens.

However, we can divide it into two categories, which will define the type of screen, its location, installation and performance.

Digital Signage for indoor spaces

Indoor digital signage refers to digital communications placed inside commercial establishments or points of sale, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.
We can find digital screens inside at:

  • Pharmacies
  • Clinics
  • Optics
  • Real Estate
  • Shopping centers
  • Small shops
  • Companies
  • Hotels
  • Small shops
  • Restaurants

Through a good integration in the physical spaces, in addition to complementing the information to customers or attracting their attention by facilitating purchases at the point of sale, they are also part of the decoration.

Since they are predominantly indoors, touchscreens can also be positioned to interact with customers (in the case of an organization), or to allow more dynamic presentations (if it is in a corporate environment).

Due to this interaction, the touch screen enhances the customer experience.

Outdoors Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is usually placed in places where there is a large influx of people to achieve a greater impact

  • Stations
  • Airports
  • Billboards and signs
  • Large facades
  • Bus stops
  • Events or festivals

With this type of advertising, greater visibility is achieved.

It must be borne in mind that when advertising screens are placed outside, they must be protected from inclement weather (rain, sun, etc.) and from the damage they may suffer.

This type of dynamic advertising and digital content is an ideal medium to convey a brand’s message.

The vibrancy of digital content, along with its easy replacement, is a great advantage over traditional advertising.

Gone are the days when replacing billboards required time and manpower. Today digital content can be remotely replaced in a short period of time, allowing a wide variety of content and adapting it to advertising needs in real time.

LCD screen or LED screen?

What type of screen do I put inside my business?

Obviously, the best way is to analyze each case and see the possibilities, but if we must establish a “usual rule” when choosing an indoor advertising screen, the best option will be an LCD screen.

Why LCD screens?

Because they are higher resolution screens than LED screens and there are very cheap solutions

What if it’s in the shop window and the sun shines a lot?

We will only need to choose a brighter screen, but it is still recommended to place an LCD screen. It is important to choose a screen with greater luminosity so that they can face the sun and can still see each other well.

What if I am going to put the screen outside?

If we want to place the screen on a large exterior surface, such as a facade, it is best to choose a led screen

Why choose outdoor LED screens?

Because if we want to place the LCD screens outside, we need to provide them with a structure to protect them, which makes this a more expensive solution.

Although LCD screens have a higher resolution than LED, at long distances, they lose the advantage of image sharpness.

In addition, depending on the pixel pitch we choose, the LED screen can have a higher or lower resolution, so we can always find a suitable solution for the space that the screen will occupy.

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That is why it is very important that you choose well and above all that you know how to choose what your business needs, within the wide, sometimes infinite … range of solutions offered by the market …

LED Displays

They are made up of pixels that use LED modules or panels.

They allow you to create screens of any size and shape without restrictions.
LED displays are generally used for outdoor advertising.

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Professional LCD screens

A professional screen is a screen that is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and its brightness is much higher than that of a traditional television.

In the range of professional displays, there are many models, either in size or brightness, that can provide high-quality display effects even in bright sunlight.

They are usually placed indoors and in shop windows.

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