Choose the best screen for your business

Currently the solutions available to companies and businesses are increasingly varied and customized to the individual needs of each business based on its objectives and configuration.

At Netipbox Technologies we have a wide range of solutions depending on your needs, whether it is to interact with your customers at your point of sale, create shop windows that attract clients or entertain your customers while they wait.
That is why we have created a complete screen guide so that you can inform yourself completely free of charge.

Tipos de pantallas Digitales

LCD Displays

High Res Digital Signage.

LCD screens are thin, flat screens that are generally used for digital signage in interior spaces, shop windows and to create video walls.

LED Displays

LED Displays

Unmatched quality and brightness for your digital signage needs.

An LED screen is a flat screen that uses light-emitting diodes as the video screen. They are often used for indicator displays, information displays, concerts, advertising purposes, construction projects, theaters, public events, etc.

Digital Totems

Digital Totems

Brightness and quality for your business

The digital totems are monitors integrated into a support and can be both indoors and outdoors. Increasingly common, they are one of the most effective audiovisual supports to attract attention and impact potential customers in an attractive and dynamic way.

Video walls

Video walls

High resolution and maximum impact for your business.

Video walls are large viewing areas made up of several LCD screens or LED panels synchronized to display large content.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Mirrors

Surprise and awaken curiosity.

Digital mirrors are multifunctional hybrid displays that can deliver dynamic content like any high-definition screen, and when someone approaches, they behave like an ordinary mirror.

Stretched Displays

Streched Displays

Size doesn’t matter.

Also known as bar-type, resized, ultra-panoramic or stretched screens, these types of screens are ideal for limited spaces where standard resolution screens do not fit. Give life to your shelves and always keep prices and offers updated thanks to these screens.

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