Digital Signage Software

What should we keep in mind when implementing a digital signage circuit?

In addition to the investment, quality, and lifespan of hardware and displays, software is the third leg on the tripod that supports a good digital signage project. This will allow us to fundamentally improve the customer experience.

How can digital signage software help you manage and get the most out of your digital screens?


Easily broadcast your digital content wherever you are, to any device anywhere in the world.

Add as much content as you want and create smart playlists, assign the content to a post or expiration date and plan the week with little effort.
Schedule your playlists dynamically to play on a specific date or period.

Content Editor

Transform your digital devices into high-performance digital channels.

Create custom designs and adjust the resolution of the content directly from the platform to be able to display it on any type of screen.

Screen Productivity

Maximize the productivity of your screens and turn your digital equipment into a high-performance digital channel.

Discover how to create custom designs, divide your screen into different zones to maximize your productivity and adjust the resolution of the content to measure to be able to display it on any type of screen (LED, video walls, extendable screens).

Synchro & WOW effect

Increase the impact and attraction x10 using simultaneous content and save 40% of cost in hardware versus conventional video walls.

Link your screens virtually to create any type of video wall, sync content across multiple screens at the same time, or insert synchronized ad slots and generate WOW effects on your screens or groups of screens without installation, hardware, or additional cabling.

Widgets & Social media

Socializing your channels with feeds from your social networks, ticker, weather, etc. and connecting with your most phygital community has never been easier.

Share your social networks feeds and show their content to your community from all your channels or show the weather forecast on a segment of your screens according to their geographical location. Generate more attention to your campaigns by providing additional information of general interest. Increase and enhance the digital value of your brand in your physical spaces

Html5 templates

Use default templates to create engaging experiences.

HTML5 templates allow you to create custom layouts on your screens from the platform to be able to interact with your clients with the most pertinent information.


We think, generate ideas and communicate. We put our creative factory at your disposal.

We have a team of experts in graphic design, animation, 2D, 3D, and video editing, and we like to create powerful content.


IPTV digital signage systems provide information of interest to your potential customers and provide an image of innovation for your business.

Send your multimedia content, videos or live television over the IP network, in full screen or in combination with other communications or advertising.

Not sure how digital signage software can help you get the most out of your digital signage?

Get in touch with us and we will solve all your doubts.