Golden rules to choose digital signage screens


The location where you want to place the screen will be the key to choosing the type of screen.

Remember, if the screen will be located on the facade, between floors, where it can be seen from a distance, we will always recommend an LED solution.

If your screen is to be installed in a storefront on the street, a high-brightness LCD solution is the best option since they have the necessary brightness to counteract the effects of the sun and their display quality is high.

Closely related to location is the type of bracket used to mount the display.

There are basically 3 types of installations: floor, ceiling and wall.

There are feet or bases on the ground, more or less elegant, wheels, built-in totem strech screens, etc.

It is also possible to install on the ceiling, with the arms fixed to the board or areas that provide security, and allow to bypass the weakest structures, such as double-layer plaster ceilings.

Finally, wall installations with fixed or inclined anchors, video walls integrated into various decorations.


When placing a display in a shop window, size matters.

The first thing is to know the space available in the desired location on the screen and whether to occupy all or part of the space.

The screen should be the best size. On the LCD, there are solutions from 24 to 86 inches.

Led solutions to create a screen of the module size you need. LED screens are made up of modules, so if you want a very large screen, they can be a good solution.


To display content well, you need a screen with the proper brightness and nits. If your screen is not at the correct brightness, the content display will not be optimal. For example, for a sunny storefront you will need a high gloss solution.

For a showcase without sunlight or indirect sunlight, a lower brightness option is sufficient.

For outdoor locations, a high brightness of 3000 to 5000 nits is always required.

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To manage its screen, you will need content management software.

There are many software on the market, and the key is to choose the software that best meets the needs of your business. It is very important that it is intuitive and easy to use.

With management software, you can remotely control content and update screen content with just a few clicks.

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Without high-quality content, digital signage suffers.
Choosing a good audiovisual provider to prepare your content is key and is an important part of developing a proper promotion strategy. As John Hammond said in Jurasic Park “We have spared no expense!”

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